Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Woodpecker Beach

Our Private Beach

Well, not really, but no one ever goes there. We call it the woodpecker beach because there are endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers living there. Its about 15 minutes from our house. The kids love it because the water is so shallow so they can go far from shore and still be standing just waist deep. Ami says she loves the beach there because it's so fun to look for things that wash up on shore: smooth peices of driftwood, clamshells, feathers, fishscales, beetles, all that good stuff. We even went on a long walk down the deserted shore to find a dolphin that had stranded nearby....
It's quiet and peaceful, we hardly see a boat go by, and the shoreline is wild and studded with submerged cypress stumps and trees. Eagles and osprey fly by with talons full of fish. We took some friends recently and had a great time swimming, chasing crabs, collecting freshwater clams, and we threw a line or two in attempting (unsuccessfully) to catch some perch for dinner.

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