Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Handful of Chickens

Recently we added about 25 new chickens to our flock (Eqyptians, Italian Anconas, Spanish white-faced, blue egg-laying Arucaunas and chocolate egg-layers called cuckoo marans). They arrived by mail just a few days old, and the latest pastime here is chasing them around thier pen and snuggling with them.

Here is Noey with his favorite chick, whom he calls "Who-who," because this bird has a beak malformation that makes him look like an owl or a falcon.

And here is Ami with her favorite new rooster, Danny. We adopted him from a family who loved him dearly but feared for his mental health because he only had 2 females to keep him "company." He is very tame and loveable, but also a bit feisty with his hackles and spurs raised when Ami reaches out to pick him up. He is a partridge bantam so he's very tiny, and couldn't hurt a flea even if he tried (although he doesn't seem to know that).

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