Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hannah, Ada and Fawn

These are our new goats! We are going to milk for home use (milk, butter, cheese), and soapmaking (for sale and home). The white girlie is a 1 yr old saanen, and the other two are nubians (1 yr old and 6 mos old). The saanen is Ada, salt-and pepper nubian is Hannah, and the little spotty brown baby is Fawn.

We are going to Raleigh to pick up a whole supply of used dairy equipment from a lady who raised alpine goats for 20 years. She gave it up and is giving us a great deal on it all. Amelie liked the milk, and Chris is sold too (and he was ready to hate it, since he really doesnt like goat cheese or lamb). It is really delicious and will make a wonderful ice cream. Ami thought it was cool to watch the goat milking and I thought it was pretty adventurous of her to drink a big glass of it right after watching how and where it came from! She wasn't phased a bit and slugged it right down like she was in a race. She's excited to bring the girls home, Chris has to fix the fencing in back, then we'll be all ready. We hope to pick them up on Sunday.

Attack of the Killer Puree

Eden, like other babies her age, is a messy eater.

Noah Designs

Creative resourceful huh?

fAiRy RiNg

A huge fairy ring burst forth in our pasture and I thought our little sugar plum needed her picture taken amoungst the mushrooms. She always does look to me like she ought to be out having a teaparty on a mushroom cap with tiny mice and bunny rabbits with get the idea. I couldnt pass this one up.

Old Man at the Sea

Here is Amelie's creation...supposed to be a bearded king...I think?? a sea king of a coral castle kind of character....something out of a movie she likes I believe...?The Last Unicorn?...I'll have to ask her...anyway, see the beard, moustache, eyebrows, hair....she built it with her dad and Grandma Alice when she was visiting a few weeks back.

Fourth of July

Here is poor Noah enjoying the fireworks. Can you scream "I WANNA GO HOME!" 150 times fast? No wasnt that fun?

Eden turns 9 Months

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks. Eden is standing while holding onto furniture, her favorite thing to do is dig dirt in the cactus pot, she is starting to eat food that has a bit more texture, and she has two little chipmunk teeth bottom front and center. She's a ton of fun--we love this age.