Sunday, July 6, 2008

Here she comes!

Eden just motors around wherever she likes nowadays--and if you are sitting on the floor, the place she likes to be most is usually your lap :o)


At the Norfolk Park again. Look at Noah....he's sooooo tired......
Do I even need to mention that little Eden River loooooovvvvvved the swing?


Chris was watching a bunch of guys play soccer at the park--you know, he used to play. I guess Eden is more interested in who's behind the camera than a bunch of sweaty men kicking a ball around :o)

Wood sprites....Canopy dwellers....Tree huggers....

We were at the park in Norfolk VA and the kids loved climbing the old trees there.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ice cream all around!

Amelie had an eye doctor appointment last week and we were happy to hear that her treatment for amblyopia has been successful! She has gone from a 20/100 refraction in her left eye to 20/25, which is nearly perfect. We will continue patching her eye for the next 2 months to try to bring her vision in the "bad" eye to 20/20. Good news!

What color do you see?

Olive green eyes it seems.

Maybe they will still turn brown though.

Sometimes they seem brown with a little dark blue around the edges. Sometimes they seem olive green. I guess that would make them hazel?

"Penny" Peacock

This is Penny Peacock. S/he is the best--sweet and lovable. Follows Chris around the yard when he's pulling weeds, looking for bugs and worms. Runs after the kids. S/he is almost 2 months old now. We are getting another peafowl friend for him/her on Monday. Right now he hangs out with a couple tiny partridge banties, a couple turkey poults and 3 guineas. We won't know if its a boy or girl until he's about 3-4 mos old. I am hoping for a boy. Maybe his new friend will be a girl. I'd like to start breeding peafowl and selling eggs, chicks and adults eventually.

Just woke up

We can't bring ourselves to cut his hair for some reason....