Sunday, August 5, 2007

Noah Stats

Taken from on online message board:

Baby's name: Noah Shenton
Baby's age: 19 months
Baby's weight and height: I don't know his height! He is in 95th %ile though. And he weighs 30 lbs.
What size clothes, shoes, diapers does your baby wear? Size 2-3T, size 7 shoe, medium fuzzibunz cloth, and size 5 disposible.
Are you starting to think about potty training yet? Thinking, yes. Doing, no. He is showing signs of readiness to learn, but not to the point I think he'd be quickly successful now.
How many teeth does your baby have? 8 completely in, and 4 molars poking through. OUCH!
What is your baby's favorite food? Bread, milk, eggs (eggies--his word, not mine), watermelon and cantelope. He gets his bread and milk as treats after he eats his proteins and greens. Oh cookies are a favorite too (kee-koo? kee-coo? yeah? yeah? kee-koo?)
How is your baby sleeping? How many naps? He sleeps 12 hrs at night and takes a 3 hr naps everyday. It is awesome!
Does your baby have a lovey? Not really. He likes to sleep with a stuffed animal, though he is not picky about which one. Typically we choose his Charlie Brown, Gonzo, and Snoopy.
What's the newest thing your baby is doing?
Going to the refrigerator, getting out the gallon of milk and handing it to me so I'll fill his sippy cup. He is too smart. Also taking off his diaper and running away. And he has a shoe-fetish. Always with the shoes--on and off and on and off!
Is your baby talking yet?
He says Ami, ball, no, this, out, Elmo, light, shoe, oh no, all gone, balloon, doggie, kitty, nay (horse), baa (sheep), moo (cow) and many many others. He says "I love you," "dada car all gone," "oh no ball all gone," etc...
What is your baby's favorite toy?
He is nuts about anything with wheels. Trucks, wagons, baby carraiges, whatever. He points out cars like he sees each one with fresh eyes. Like its a miracle of existence. Laow! Laow! (hasn't mastered his C or R sounds yet, but dang it--thats a car! WOW!)
What is your baby's favorite summer activity?
Running in the sand on the beach and splashing in the water. Thankfully eating chicken poop has faded into memory....
Are you thinking about another baby yet?
She'll be here in about 3.5 months.

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