Monday, June 16, 2008

Woodpecker Beach

We took the kids to the Woodpecker Beach on the Sound recently. We went for a really long walk along the beach, navigating along the shore through plant growth and cypress trees and over fallen logs. The kids always find something exciting to take home: duck decoys, crab pot buoys and driftwood. This time we found an aluminum leg band, which we called in the the banding lab. It was from a ten-year old pelican, banded back in 1998. The first picture is of Chris leading the kids on a raft ride--when we go to this beach there is usually a short kayak put-in deck, but this time we found it in two peices--there must have been a storm--it was washed down the shore about 60 feet, so Chris dragged it in the water, gave the kids a ride, and ten put it back togather again. He's always fixing something. :)

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