Monday, June 16, 2008

Chicken Tractor

Chris built a chicken tractor which housed our broiler chickens (until recently when they were butchered). This was our first experience slaughtering on a large scale. We killed 21 birds in one day. I played shochet (kosher killer). We assembly lined the birds with me killing and plucking, Michael plucking and gutting, and Chris gutting and finishing. It was a bittersweet day. Nothing lives forever, and everything has a purpose. Miriam and Elana helped pluck and also looked after the younger kids, who played in the pool most of the day while we worked. Now that the broilers are out of there we have loaded it full of turkey poults, rare-breed egg layers, guineas and a peachick. We plan to make raised garden beds with this chicken tractor. That's the deal, the chicken's do the work of a tractor in creating your beds. Turning up the soil and fertilizing it as it's mulched into a deep bed. We are going to have an awesome garden next year.

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