Sunday, February 24, 2008

Noah Update

So Noah is a two year old with a capital TWO! Here he is after an afternoon of playing with his sister and dad--they were pretending to be injured and fixing each other up with tissue paper casts and slings and bloody noses. Well, maybe you read before that Noah might need glasses, we find out in 6 weeks. Meanwhile, his secret weapon against his sister is a lightning fast swipe of her face which swiftly removes her glasses sending them winging across the floor. Thankfully they havent broken yet. He is OBSESSED and I mean OBSESSED with Buzz and Woody. He loves dancing ("Come on Ami, wet's dance"...."Lemme dance"...."I gotta dance..."..."mama, dance. Dance! DANCE!" He's like a prison wardon with the dancing orders.).
He LOVES going outside with his daddy, and playing with his train set. He pretends he is making soup, and kee-coos (cookies). When he says his "thank you's" at night he says "tank you for all our fwends, and famwie, and kee-coos, and daddy, and keecoos, and mama, and Jacob, and keecoos..." He is adorable! And goofy. We call him goober sometimes, cuz he is just a huge hugable goober boy!

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