Sunday, February 24, 2008

Amelie's update

Ami is doing really well. She is 6 now (I will post her bday pics on another post)--boy has she been waiting to be six! I hope she is really feeling it! Anyway, we took her to the eye dr to see if her glasses are doing the trick. When we took her 7 weeks ago for her first exam, the refraction in her left eye was 20/100....thats pretty bad....well, a few days ago when we checked it was up at 20/50! So thats great--dr says as long as she keeps improving in this way she wont have to have any further treatment (such as patching her good eye). Down side to the appt was we asked the dr to recommend whether we should have Noah a full eye exam. I thought maybe I had seen his eyes having trouble focusing up close. Dr confirmed it and said he probably has what his sister does--we will have him examinied in 6 weeks. We wont cross that bridge til we come to it, but boy it wont be easy to keep glasses on him....
Ok back to Ami....she is enjoying schooling---and doesnt even realize it! She asked me the other day why we hadnt done schoolwork lately. Thats because we went from worksheets and writing practice on lined paper to doing fun and creative lapbooks! I will show you one of Ami's lapbooks on a separate post. Right now Ami is really into horses and unicorns, and playing with her friends. The weather here has been really nice and I have been sending her outdoors to play. She is having fun at her dance class. She did a science fair with her b/f Jacob (about seeds germinating/growing plants). Shes a great big sister and loves fawning all over her Eden. The other day she told me out of the blue that 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12. And we haven't done math more than adding or subtracting two numbers (whats 1+5,whats 25-5, whats 30+7 and so on...) so i think that is pretty insightful for a kindergartener! she loves math and can count to 1000.
Her reading is coming along nicely. It's still not her favorite thing to do--she'd rather have us read to her--but she seems to have passed some developmental milestone and it now comes more naturally for her to read. I think maybe its because she has got a handle on a decent number of sight words.

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