Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oma and Opa come to town

They stayed for about 6 days. They arrived on Monday, Dec 10 and departed (too soon!) 6 days later, on Sunday afternoon. While here they celebrated Xmas with us, Noah and Opa's
b-days, and participated in the last two days of Chanukah (which we celebrated this year with our friends). We didn't really go anywhere--the weather was great, so we just spent time around the homefront, piddling around the yard, playing with the kids, snuggling Eden, putting puzzles together, etc...
We did go to our friend Miriam's for an amazing Friday night dinner, and on Opa's b-day night we went to a local cafe and had soups and salads, and Opa had a big slice of triple-chocolate cheesecake (which he shared with us!) We thought we might go visit the Ocean while they were here--take a walk on the beach-- but on the day we thought we'd go, it ended up getting cold. The only place they did venture out to was wal-mart a hour away--they took both kiddos so they could pick out Xmas gifts. Noah picked out a big ol' semi truck packed with hot-wheels type cars, and Ami picked out these "pretty pony" toys. It was great to have Oma and Opa here--we hope they can come back soon!

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