Sunday, June 12, 2011

Old School BMX Dragonslayer

Poor Noah. His sister and friend Lydie were kicking his butt in bike speed. Noah on last year's sad little bike with it's small wheels just couldn't cut it next to the girl's big wheels racing down the street. Oh it made him mad and he was begging for a new bike.

Check him out now.

Check it! This bike is 34 years old! It's been loved, and we love it.  And the color is perfect for our "golden boy." :-)

Our friends Sergio and Cindy offered up Sergio's personal vintage BMX bike for Noah to love and enjoy. When they gave it to us, I had no idea of the "old school BMX" LOVE out there in the world (we are now converts!). When I returned home and checked out Sergio's bike online, I was floored. What a gem Noah has been given, and how generous of our friends to share this treasure with him. Sergio rode this bike back in 1977 in Miami, FL as a child. I simply must see photos, and hear more history. This bike will be with us for generations, I can promise you that. 

This kid couldn't be happier. He came running in this morning and asked me to tie his dragon cape on, and seconds later I was watching him race up and down our street, blond hair blowin in the wind, cape catching the breeze behind him. 

Dragons, watch yourselves. Noah's got your number.

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