Monday, October 12, 2009

Knighted by the Queen

We went to the Renaissance Faire at a local Park yesterday. The kids made hobby horses and raced before the queen. Afterward Ami was knighted by the queen, "the Countess of Columbia," while Noah and Eden were too scared to go near her. We also learned about spinning wool and tailoring, and we saw a puppet show. We went for a picnic on a boardwalk overlooking the Sound and then we went inside to the museum where the kids dressed up like children of colonial times. Topped off the day with a visit to a local pizzeria where we had a yummy dinner--we were the only people in the place so the kids could play and carry on without disturbing anyone.
Hobby Horse Race....Eden had a late start :)
Colonial Noah
Being knighted by the Queen
Waiting for the race to begin.

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