Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been 6 months!

So, our photo program stopped functioning and I couldnt resize photos. Which means I couldnt upload anything because we are on dialup and large files just won't leave here. We need a new computer, but we can't get one until we know how satellite internet will work out for us. We can't seem to get wildblue to respond to our requests for a hookup, so we are in this annoying quandry. Something like 95% of NC has high speed--execpt for "small pockets on the coastal plain." yeah, thats us.

OK enough griping and on to updated photos. This is just the beginning, I will try to add more in the days to come since I have finally figured out how our new photo proram works and can at least resize pics so I can get them on here for everyone to see!

First image, Eden in the yard after a rain....notice the curls....
Ami and Noah in the tub.

Blueberries are ripe. We ordered 6 flats with 12 overloaded pints per flat. You have no idea how many diapers that translates into....

We went to see a musical group from Uganda over in Manteo, they are called Kinobe (after the lead singer). The kids had a great time running around the lawn at the outdoor twiligt concert. On the last song they invited all the kids up on stage to play instruments and dance. The performers were all taken with Eden, who happily poked around on stage like she owned the show, dancing and jumping and showing off in her own little world. She was the youngest one up there and was very happy to have joined her siblings who were also one stage (although she paid no attention to them). I was very proud of Ami for jumping up and getting right out there, being adventurous, seems the shyness is slowly working itself out. They all did great.
Just a recent photo, from the Ugandan concert night.
All of us.
Check back for more to come....Love, A,C,A,N & ER

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